Digitisation toolbox for small memory institutions

What is this?

DigitLab is an especially adapted operating system based on Linux Ubuntu. The main aim of its creation was to create a complete system which can be used for collections digitisation with the usage of free and widely available tools. DigitLab is a perfect solution for both everyday work and hands-on trainings.

The system was based on Ubuntu in version 12.04 LTS and prepared with a tool called Remastersys. It can be downloaded as an ISO image and tried by recording it on pendrive or DVD without the necessity of installation on the computer.

DigitLab is a results of project ACCESS IT Plus.

What is inside?

Featured applications:

  • ScanTailor - a tool for processing scanning results,
  • gscan2pdf - scanning, creation of PDF and DjVu files with a support for Tesseract,
  • magicktiler - tool enabling the creation of Zoomify images,
  • Tesseract - the engine of OCR with a support for Polish language, German Gothic fonts and much more.

Apart from utility tools mentioned above, users will also find example digital libraries created on base of DSpace, GreenStone and dLibra software. The full list of software installed in DigitLab system is published here.

The default language of the system is English. Additionally there are some other languages installed: Croatian, Serbian, Greek, Albanian, Turkish and Polish.

All applications which were not installed from system packages, were placed in the catalog "/usr/apps/".

I would like to try!

In order to check the DigitLab possibilities, the usage of at least 4GB carrier and software such as Ubuntu Startup Disk Creator (Linux) or Universal USB Installer (Windows) or any other tool enabling to create a bootable carrier from downloaded ISO image is indispensable.

In both those programs, apart form recording the image of the system, a disc space can be created in which all changes made by the user will be saved. While creating this space, it should be remembered that the bigger the space, the longer the time of system starting with pendrive is.

Except turning on with pendrive, DigitLab may also be installed on computer and use it in work as a basic operational system.

Download now

Download size appr. 3GB (md5)

Useful links


DigitLab was developed in the framework of ACCESS IT plus project.

With the support of the Culture programme of the European Union.